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Assorted Loudspeaker Components

      Maybe you have read some or indeed all of our Articles written to provide some ground level information on speaker building and now wish to put some of these ideas into practice. This page provides an alphabetical drop-down listing of all our Loudspeaker component products plus a direct link to STS Digital music CD's. It differs from the sitemap in that a variety of products may appear on a single page. So look for your item under one or more descriptive terms. If you don't see it where you would expect, take a look under a slightly different description.
      Some of the more recently added component products are shown below and you can also check out our Special Offers.

New Items & Special Offers

      New products added to our listings.
(1) High quality Audiophile Music cd's. Browse our listing of recordings from STS Digital
(2) Loudspeaker damping, Bitumastic Sheet (200 * 300)mm various thickness.
(3) A range of coloured Loudspeaker Grille Cloths Choice of seven colours.
(4) Pure Sheeps Wool Felt for that special Loudspeaker project, in 3 weights.
(5) A High-Tec material, view Sorbothane for vibration isolation.
(6) Extending the range of Loudspeaker Spikes with M8 by 45mm.
(7) Special Offers at Bargain Prices. Regularly revised.