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Find Special Offers on Music cds and Parts for Speakers

STS Digital Audiophile CDs.

CD cover Audiophile CD STS6111164

The Absolute Sound Reference.

Volumes 1, 2 & 3

Sampler range demonstrating high-quality recordings, 19 tracks per disc with a variety of music and sounds.

Available - Priced Each or Special Offer - All 3 Discs. Follow Order Code links for track listings.

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* Price: Packing, UK Postage & VAT @ 20%.
Order Code Description Price 1
STS6111142 The Absolute Sound Reference Vol 1. 7.99 /1
STS6111152 The Absolute Sound Reference Vol 2. 7.99 /1
STS6111164 The Absolute Sound Reference Vol 3. 7.99 /1
SPOSTS01 BUY ALL THREE Samplers of 'The Absolute Sound Reference' Vol 1, Vol 2 and Vol 3 17.99 /3

SPECIAL OFFER:- Condition, AS NEW, used for system evaluation only.    Includes Packing, UK Postage & VAT.
Order Code Description Price 1
STS6111157 STS Digital MW Coded CD:-  Jazz Masters: Volume 2 7.49

Loudspeaker Drivers / Chassis.

Mid-Bass Loudspeaker driver SEAS L12RCY/P



Qty - 4 available.  Price each £44.00.  Packing - Add £1.00.   Carriage - Add: 1 piece = £12.00, 2 pieces = £12.92. Includes VAT @ 20%. UK Shipping only.

* Seas L12RCY/P Midbass, Specifications
Property Value
Power Handling 70W Long term with 12dB Octave filters.
Sensitivity 85.5 dB(2.8V/1m)
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Linear Coil Travel (p -p),  Max,  Voice Coil Diameter 6.0 mm,    9.0,    26mm
Fs,   Re,    50Hz,     5.5 Ohms
Vas 5 L
Qts,   Qes,   Qms 0.29,   0.33,   2.34

Column Speaker Stands.

Column Loudspeaker Stands

One Pair of Ash, Column stands.

      One Pair of Column Stands built to partner the small Bandor 50mm driver enclosures. These stands will however accomodate any small footprint loudspeaker to enhance both acoustic and visual appeal. The stands have complementary solid Ash upper platforms and are supplied with felt coins for vibration reduction. As an "extra" the stands can be provided with Sorbothane hemispheres to further aid vibration isolation. The stand columns have a hollow interior which may be sand or pebble-filled to add mass if desired. The Stands are provided complete with Loudspeaker Spikes.
      One pair only at this price of £200 the pair, which, includes Packing, Carriage and VAT.

Hitachi Audio Mosfets.

Hitachi mosfets type 2SK1058, 2SJ162

Hitachi Audio Mosfets.

       Hitachi Audio Mosfets type 2SK1058 and 2SJ162
       160V, 100W, TO-3P (Plastic Package)
       Pin / Lead-outs: G-S-D,Supplied in Pairs.

* Hitachi Audio Mosfets type 2SK1058 and 2SJ162
Order Code Description 1+ 6+ ****
HITMOS01 Hitachi Mosfets 2SK1058 / 2SJ162, TO-3P, G,S,D pin out. Sold in Pairs 14.11 /pr **** ****

Discounted Damping Felt Offcuts.

100% Herdwick Sheep Wool Sound Absorbent Felts

Damping Felt Offcuts.

       A variety of Felt Offcuts, (End of Rolls), available at a good discounted price. All dimensions are approximate.        Packing and Carriage is in addition to the product Prices quoted.
       UK sales only.

* Damping Felt Offcuts, Pure Sheeps Wool and Mixed Wool / Cotton Felts
Order Code Description QTY Price 1
SPFLT01 Pure Herdwick Wool Felt (580 * 1370 * 12)mm   1 £8.22 /1
SPFLT02 Pure Herdwick Wool Felt (240 * 1370 * 14)mm   2 £3.22 /1
SPFLT03 Pure Herdwick Wool Felt (300 * 685 * 12)mm   1 £2.16 /1
SPFLT04 Mixed Wool / Cotton Felt (500 * 1370 * 12)mm   4 £3.79 /1
SPFLT05 Mixed Wool / Cotton Felt (240 * 1370 * 12)mm   1 £1.82 /1
SPFLT06 Mixed Wool / Cotton Felt (300 * 700 * 12)mm   1 £1.14 /1

Speaker Grille Cloth.

Stretchable Fawn Grille Fabric

Fawn Loudspeaker Cloth.

SPECIAL OFFER *  Stretchable Fabric suitable for Loudspeaker Grilles. Price per 1/2 Metre
Order Code Description 1+ 6+ ****
GCLOTH2 Stretchable Fawn Fabric, Width 1660mm.  -  When It's gone It's Gone 2.09 /1 1.99 /1 ****

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Reticulated Grille Foam.

Black Loudspeaker Grille Foam

Black Grille Foam.

* Reticulated Grille Foam. When It's gone It's Gone.
Order Code Description Available Price
OFFCUT3 Black Grille Foam (266x470x10)mms 6 pcs 3.94 ea
OFFCUT4 Black Grille Foam (260x400x10)mms 2 pcs 3.28 ea

      Offcuts of Black 35ppi reticulated grille foam, otherwise known as Loudspeaker Grille Foam. Sizes as above (approx.). Supplied in flat pack or rolled format depending upon size. Sold each.

Loudspeaker Gasket Strip.

Loudspeaker Gasket Strip

EPDM Sealing Strip.

SPECIAL OFFER *  Special Offer Price - (25 * 2)mm EPDM Foam Strip.
Order Code Special Offer Price 1+ 6+ ****
EPDM252 EPDM Foam Strip.  closed cell: (25 * 2)mm 1.05 /1m 1.00 /1m ****
EPDM252R EPDM Foam Strip.  (25 * 2)mm. 10 metre Roll 9.45 /1 Roll **** ****

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